Full-service indoor shooting range on the premises for handguns up to and including 44 Magnum and rifles up to and including 30 Caliber Carbine, prohibit shooting HIGH POWER RIFLES, AK47, AR, SHOTGUNSĀ for safety reasons.

We offer a full-service indoor shooting range for handguns up to and including 44 Magnum, and rifles up to and including 30 Caliber Carbine. We offer a wide variety of accessories to assist with your shooting needs to include ammunition and targets for use here at the range.

We carry a wide selection of firearms which you can rent for use on our range. If you are considering the purchase of a firearm but are unsure which firearm is best for your needs, shooting multiple firearms of different styles and calibers through our rental program may be a great option. You can determine which firearm is best for you before you make the investment.

We also have locker space available for storing your handguns and related shooting equipment. We offer classes in firearm safety, as well as required classes for the State of Florida's Concealed Weapon/Firearm Licenses.

As you will note in our hours and days of operation schedule, we offer shooting opportunities to accommodate most of our customer's busy schedules. We also provide (by appointment), personal instruction in firearm use. We have a wide variety of clientele from the novice shooter to the most avid, professional daily shooters. All ammunition and targets for range use must be purchased at THE GUN SITE.